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These are entries with photo galleries embedded in them. Right now, I use a Python script called gallery-html to generate these.

For a more complete set of photos, including the images I used to keep on flickr, see /photos.

2018/3/18 Cleaning out a handful of pens I haven’t used yet this year, before the ink can fossilize in them, I’m struck by how I’ve never learned any way to do this that isn’t just kind of a mess.
2017/11/7 mushrooms
2017/6/26 photography
2017/5/12 Thereminus Rex begins to emerge:
2017/4/4 weather
2017/1/25 I went down to the Women’s March in Denver on Saturday with my girlfriend and my sister and a couple of our friends and (from the looks of things at the bus station) a pretty good percentage of Boulder County. I didn’t take a camera any better than my phone; none of us were really sure what to expect from the whole thing, and traveling light seemed like a good idea.
2016/10/24 tree rat
2016/10/22 recently
2016/10/12 recently
2016/4/27 amtrak
2009/12/25 looking out the windows at home on christmas day