Wednesday, December 31
Well, 1997 is pretty much over. It's been an interesting year, to say the least. (And the least is all I plan to say about it.) Happy New Year, everyone.

I did a mIRCX search for "whiteboard" last night, and came up with MarkP's Shared Whiteboard 1.0. It's a well written script, and it makes mine look rather lame by comparison. Rather than trying to bring Scribble up to this level of quality, I think I'll just give up now. So unless I find any huge bugs or gaping flaws that need fixed, here's the final version of mIRC Scribble.

On a related note, check out MarkP's page. It's mostly focused on IRC, and a there's a good collection of mIRC scripts.

I added a counter to this page. Should be good for a quick laugh, anyway. (It seems to be a good script, if you'd like your own copy it can be found here.)

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Monday, December 29
The new issue of Dank & Scud, A Void At All Costs is out. This is the best issue yet; it looks good, it's actually long enough this time, and the writing is great. Even if you don't care about Quake in the least, check this out.

I decided to make use of some of mIRC's new features, and wrote a whiteboard script. I still need to add a few features, and I'll probably get it done in the next few days. Anyway, here's mIRC Scribble 1.0. Enjoy. Or something.

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Wednesday, December 24
Happy holidays to LWQuestie (it's a weapon!), Annakie, Gurney, Gulthek, moon, RifRaf, Kelso (bark bark), Vash, Capper-Deluxe (and family), Ruxandra, Saalon, Kestra (figment or not) cat, GaretJax, Smurf, FoolsRun, Cornjob, Crayon, Milkshake, DrMarcus, JohnLennon, shred, Swooop (found that "o"), Zach, Maples, Wyrdrune, MeanStreak, tvb, Bronweg, Xandar, and anybody I'm forgetting.

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Tuesday, December 23
A good example of how to use mIRC's new socket features is Gurney's e-mail checking script, which lets you check and read your mail easily from within mIRC.

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Saturday, December 20
Ahhhh, Christmas vacation...

mIRC v5.3 has been released! It now supports direct socket connections, which means you can easily write a script to check your e-mail, open a telnet session, or maybe even browse the web. Other nifty new features include custom graphical windows, with the ability to draw graphics and load bitmaps(!), and the option to pop up a color list whenever Ctrl-K is typed.

mIRC 5.3 Now!

There's (finally) a new episode of Dæmonsong up. Go, read.

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Sunday, December 7
I just saw on Redwood's that Mirabilis has released a new version of ICQ. It's got some nifty new features, and the interface has improved.

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Saturday, December 6
Quake 2 is due to be released on December 9. I'm planning on spending that day feeling sorry for myself and my obsolete computer.

Speaking of obsolete, the YPOD Doom TC (a TC of Quake to Doom) has been released at Moxill Interactive. I haven't had time to download it yet (13 megs or so), but reviews have been very favorable, and the screenshots are impressive.

Another cool new Quake TC is Target Quake, which converts Quake into a side scroller. This isn't really a new idea, as it's already been done by Giana Quake and a few others, but this is the most playable so far.

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