Wednesday, December 31
Well, 1997 is pretty much over. It's been an interesting year, to say the least. (And the least is all I plan to say about it.) Happy New Year, everyone.

I did a mIRCX search for "whiteboard" last night, and came up with MarkP's Shared Whiteboard 1.0. It's a well written script, and it makes mine look rather lame by comparison. Rather than trying to bring Scribble up to this level of quality, I think I'll just give up now. So unless I find any huge bugs or gaping flaws that need fixed, here's the final version of mIRC Scribble.

On a related note, check out MarkP's page. It's mostly focused on IRC, and a there's a good collection of mIRC scripts.

I added a counter to this page. Should be good for a quick laugh, anyway. (It seems to be a good script, if you'd like your own copy it can be found here.)

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