Wednesday, May 28:
Ahh, summer vacation. No matter how bad a day I'm having, I can always remind myself that at least I'm not in school. Now all I need is a job...

If you have Quake, check out Artifact, a new movie (in the Quake demo format) by Clan Phantasm. It's a pretty big file (roughly 5 megs), especially if you've got a slow connection, but it's a cool movie. (Saw this on QuakeLab: Multimedia.)

If you program in QBasic/QuickBasic (a relatively small segment of the population, I admit) check out Lior Zur's QBasic Home Page. He has a cool QB graphics program called QBdraw, which is useful for doing sprites in games.

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Wednesday, May 21:
It looks like the former Wheel of Time Quake TC is going to continue, but without the WOT connection. (Just for the record, I found this before it was posted on Blue's News.)

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Monday, May 19:
Here's a half finished version of my latest masterpiece (he said sarcastically). Trader is a game written in QBasic, an attempted clone of an old Apple II game called Taipan.

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Friday, May 16:
Not many changes to the page, but here's some links.

The Wheel of Time Quake total conversion has been shut down by Tor Books, even though they had an informal agreement with Tor that allowed them to use it. The WoTQ page has a few more details. I guess it just goes to show that you should never touch copyrighted material. I wonder how many more TCs will get shut down this way before people learn that big companies will crush their projects without a second thought?

I saw this on Blue's News. The Game AI Page has tons of stuff related to artificial intelligence in computer games.

Check out Quake, the Universe, and Everything, formerly known as the Quake Haiku Page. QUE is split into several different areas, including Haiku (of course), Limericks, Free Form Poetry, and Stories & Prose. There's some really good stuff here (along with some crap, but that's to be expected). On the downside, the site is hideous.

I wrote a story for QUE's stories & prose section, and sent it in. It got posted almost immediately. Ok, so I admit I'm not much of a writer.

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Monday, May 5:
Enhanced for Lynx, I hope... Well, I won't promise that my pages are completely compatible with Lynx, but I went over everything and tried to make sure it worked ok. They remain pretty navigable without frames, although I should probably add another text navigation bar at the top of each page.

If you're interested in BASIC programming, the All Basic Code packet for May is out. ABC is a bimonthly collection of BASIC source code, which usually includes games, demos, and tutorials. You can get the ABC packets and the reader program at the following sites:

The All Basic Code Home Page
The Powerbasic Archives
William Yu's Home Page

I added a few more links. Trying to think of some kind of real content I could add...

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Saturday, May 3:
I just downloaded Lynx for Win32. I had never used a text based browser before, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's fast, reasonably intuitive, and fun to use. I like Netscape, but I'm getting sick of the ongoing browser wars. And with a text based browser, it's hard to hide an utter lack of content behind some huge graphics and a few Java applets.

I really need some content...

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