Friday, May 16:
Not many changes to the page, but here's some links.

The Wheel of Time Quake total conversion has been shut down by Tor Books, even though they had an informal agreement with Tor that allowed them to use it. The WoTQ page has a few more details. I guess it just goes to show that you should never touch copyrighted material. I wonder how many more TCs will get shut down this way before people learn that big companies will crush their projects without a second thought?

I saw this on Blue's News. The Game AI Page has tons of stuff related to artificial intelligence in computer games.

Check out Quake, the Universe, and Everything, formerly known as the Quake Haiku Page. QUE is split into several different areas, including Haiku (of course), Limericks, Free Form Poetry, and Stories & Prose. There's some really good stuff here (along with some crap, but that's to be expected). On the downside, the site is hideous.

I wrote a story for QUE's stories & prose section, and sent it in. It got posted almost immediately. Ok, so I admit I'm not much of a writer.

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