Sunday, August 31
I word wrapped the below linked chat logs, so they should be somewhat easier to read.

Saw this on sCary's. MetaSpy lets you see what people are searching for with MetaCrawler. Very cool, IMO.

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Saturday, August 30
I participated in a couple of the Sci-Fi Channel's celebrity chats today. Here are logs from the Lois McMaster Bujold and Connie Willis chats. I suppose these might be somewhat interesting if you're a fan of the authors. Since I've never read any of their work, my questions might be somewhat pathetic... (I didn't take the time to word wrap these, but I did edit out a bunch of join and part messages.)

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Friday, August 29
Woohoo! mIRC 5.1 was released yesterday. It's got some nifty new features, the usual bug fixes, and a new icon. (The icon grows on you, honest.) Since I like making pointless lists, here's a "cool changes in mIRC" list:

  • That annoying action bug has been fixed, so you can turn queries in active window back on.
  • An address book.
  • What you're currently typing stays in the buffer if you use the arrow key or ctrl+arrow key shortcuts.
  • Maybe this is my imagination, but you can actually tell that it runs faster at times.
  • /clipboard command that lets you copy text to the clipboard.
  • It can handle floating point numbers!

mIRC 5.1 Now!

My sources tell me that the Hexen II demo is extremely cool. I'm hoping it'll be on the next PC Gamer CD so I won't have to download it.

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Wednesday, August 27
Today at school, I noticed a bit in the bulletin (announcements and such) warning students not to open any e-mail with "Join the crew" in the subject, as it would instantly erase their hard drive. I went to the office and asked who had it put in the bulletin, so that I could explain to them that such "e-mail viruses" are almost always a hoax.

I was told it was the person who's in charge of the network, and almost every computer in the building. Someone who, supposedly, knows far more than I...

God bless the American educational system.

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Tuesday, August 26
I'm pretty well sold on Navigator 4... In many ways it's a much better browser than previous versions. The details seem to have been given some more attention this time around, and the few IE features that I found lacking in Netscape have been unashamedly ripped off and incorporated (the customizable toolbar, display of ALT text when the mouse cursor is over a graphic, etc.).

On the downside, Navigator 4 is encouraging the trend towards bloated, graphics and JavaScript laden, content free pages. I'm definitely not getting rid of Lynx or Navigator 3.01.

I removed the "To be continued..." from Don't Fear the Reaper. It may not be much of a story, but I like it the way it is, and I'd probably mess it up trying to expand on it.

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Sunday, August 24
Since Netscape Navigator 4.02 was released as a stand alone, I finally decided to download it. It looks like a good browser, but I'm not getting rid of v3.01 just yet.

Check out The Quake Literary Guild. Lots of good Quake fiction, and the page is well designed.

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Thursday, August 21
A few small updates to the IRC moron FAQ, my SF links page, and my Quake links page. Yeah, I know the Quake page still needs major updating.

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Wednesday, August 20
QuakeRally is, hands down, the coolest thing I've ever seen done with Quake. It's not just an awesome Quake conversion - it's a great game in its own right.

Get QuakeRally Now!

Also, check out Quake Rally News. Like so many news pages, they seem to have "borrowed" their layout from Blue's News, but it's otherwise a decent effort.

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Tuesday, August 19
I'm in the middle of downloading QuakeRally. 9.8 megs is rather large to download in one chunk, at least with a 14.4. Oh well, it should be worth it. I'd have it already if the freeware version of WS_FTP had resume...

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Saturday, August 16
I got a good laugh out of this. Great way to get customers, don't you think?

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Monday, August 11
Here's a review of the Dæmonsong pilot. I know, it's a poorly written review, but I was tired of re-writing it, and figured I should get something posted. (Like it matters... I can think of maybe 3 people that will read it... At least it's short.)

Here's a quote from an article on MSNBC:

The original PC version of Doom was released in 1993, runs fairly well on computers with a 386 processor, and really flies on computers with a 486 processor. (Quake, the latest version of Doom, requires a Pentium with all the trimmings.) Mac Doom runs best on computers with Power PC processors and System 7.1 software.

And people wonder why I find MSNBC annoying...

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Friday, August 8
The pilot of Dæmonsong is scheduled to be released later today. If you happen to be reading this any time after 8:00 PM (Eastern), go check it out. Now.

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Tuesday, August 5
Here's a review of The Reality Dysfunction. I think I'm actually getting worse at this. Oh well.

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Sunday, August 3
Here's the first version of an IRC moron pseudo FAQ. Not much here yet, but I intend to expand it quite a bit. The idea is to have something to refer all those idiots one meets on IRC to (there have been so many of them lately).

Quakeweek rules.

The spam never ceases. Grr. Argh.

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