Friday, August 29
Woohoo! mIRC 5.1 was released yesterday. It's got some nifty new features, the usual bug fixes, and a new icon. (The icon grows on you, honest.) Since I like making pointless lists, here's a "cool changes in mIRC" list:

  • That annoying action bug has been fixed, so you can turn queries in active window back on.
  • An address book.
  • What you're currently typing stays in the buffer if you use the arrow key or ctrl+arrow key shortcuts.
  • Maybe this is my imagination, but you can actually tell that it runs faster at times.
  • /clipboard command that lets you copy text to the clipboard.
  • It can handle floating point numbers!

mIRC 5.1 Now!

My sources tell me that the Hexen II demo is extremely cool. I'm hoping it'll be on the next PC Gamer CD so I won't have to download it.

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