Monday, May 11
About last Friday's update; I know a little more than I did, and I'll probably write something up about it at a later date, but for the moment I don't feel like stirring things up. My original statement stands. (Thanks to Gulthek for the support.)

Wow... Only 11 more days of school. I should be able to give this page (among other things) a lot more attention once school's out, so there'll be some changes/improvements.

[Ok, not actually 11 more days of school; 11 days until school's out, counting the weekend. Hate it when I do something like that, but that does mean 2 days less than I thought.]

On a completely unrelated subject, the May All Basic Code Packet has been out for a while. I haven't done anything in QBasic lately, and I'm not likely to in the future, but I'm still fond of the language, despite its obsolescence. I'll always maintain that Microsoft could have done a lot of good by releasing QuickBasic 4.5 as freeware back when they abandoned it as a supported product, but it's a little late now. (I'll stop rambling.)

Anyway, you can snag a copy of the May ABC packet over at The PowerBasic Archives.

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