Thursday, May 28, 16:33 CDT
Yep, definitely going with 24 hour.

I recently switched from Eudora Light to Pegasus Mail 3.01. I'll get a review/comparison up after I've used it a bit more, but at this point I do have to say it's worth checking out.

Thursday, May 28, 12:43 AM CDT
I think I like 24 hour format better. Oh well.

I've been thinking of doing a bit of a re-design of this site. Trying to decide whether or not I should get rid of the frames. On the one hand, they're not really necessary, and I've come to dislike most frames for this very reason. On the other hand, I do like the navigation they provide (at least on capable browsers), and they look ok. On the gripping hand, I'm too indecisive to actually make up my mind, so I'll probably just flip a coin.

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Tuesday, May 26, 20:46 CDT
I'm trying to decide whether I should have seperate entries here for different times in a day, or maybe just a seperator between them. And should I use a 24 or 12 hour format? What do you think? Does anyone even care?

Saalon has set up a mailing list for Dæmonsong. If you read DS regularly, it's worth subscribing to. It won't be a very high traffic list, and it's probably going to be used to distribute the episodes in plain text. Just e-mail "subscribe daemonsong" (minus the quotes, of course) to

Speaking of e-mail subscriptions, Need to Know is a great weekly mailing described as "*the* weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the UK". High-tech and a warped (that is to say British) sense of humor... What more could you ask for?

Tuesday, May 26
Removed the disclaimer that was up there for a while. You know, this one:

Warning: If you're unfortunate enough to be using a library computer at LCHS, do yourself a favor and hit the back button. It's not that I don't appreciate your visit, but you know as well as I do that within a few minutes Mrs. Knudsen will be standing behind you and telling you that you have to get off the computer.

I'll probably stick it back up when school starts and students are again under the power of the library nazis.

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Monday, May 25
It seems all sorts of stuff happened while I was gone over the weekend. No big surprise.

Unreal is out, and early reviews seem quite favorable. Another great looking game for me to drool over from a distance... For actual news, head over to Blue's. (What is this thing with unintentional rhymes, anyway?)

The Dæmonsong site has a new look, coinciding with the appearance of DS ads in a couple of print magazines. I still don't much like JavaScript rollovers or .gif text, but it's been done with restraint, and I have to admit it looks nice.

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Thursday, May 21
Another Con-events-ion update. Gurney's leaving in a week or so, and won't be back until around June 25, which means you need to contact him if you're planning on going, and send your $15 for the rental van. I know there're more than three of us that plan to be there, but nobody's doing much about it... In other words, if you haven't done so already, MOVE! (Did that sound desperate?)

A disgusting bit of news: America Online has purchased Mirabilis, the company behind ICQ, for an obscene amount of money. I've been wondering for a while how Mirabilis was ever going to generate any sort of profit, but I hoped they'd find some way other than being swallowed whole by a company like AOL or Microsoft. (Here's the article.)

There's a fairly well written editorial up on Slashdot, about computer education in K-12 schools. I've been meaning to write something like this myself, not much of a surprise someone would beat me to it.

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Tuesday, May 19
I saw a link over on Stephen's Home Page to a nifty program for Win95/NT called Home Planet. It's got an impressive list of features, including an Earth map that shows day and night regions, a star map that's viewable from any location on Earth, and options to track satellites, comets, asteroids, and the moon. The full download is over 7 megs, but the "lite" version is a much easier to swallow 1.34 mb.

Mirabilis has released a new version of ICQ, 98a v1.26 (at least I think that's the version number). Rather than wade through the confusing morass that is Mirabilis' site, you can just use this link. If you haven't tried ICQ yet, it's at least worth giving it a shot.

My ICQ number, incidentally, is 1408149.

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Monday, May 18
I did a bit more (pathetic) ASCII art.

I noticed a link on Blue's News to a Quake movie called "Apartment Huntin'". It's simply hilarious. If you've got Quake, head over to the Ill Clan page. It's worth the sizeable download.

Although it says it requires WinQuake, the demo runs fine in DOS Quake, you'll just need to type "quake -nojoy -nocdaudio -game apthunt +playdemo opening" instead of running apthunt.bat. (Or you could edit the .bat file. Whatever works. In point of fact, if you're going to be watching this movie, you don't need me to tell you these things. I'm rambling again.)

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Sunday, May 17
Congratulations to my cousins Beau, Rachel, and the other Rachel, along with everyone else who graduated this weekend. Not like they'll ever read this, but what the heck. :)

Five days of school left...

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Thursday, May 14
6 days of school left. You know, I can't really say this school year has gone quickly; in fact, it's been long, dry, and boring. Still hard to believe it's almost summer, though.

There's an interesting article on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) up on WebMonkey. Although it's not really anything we haven't heard before, it does emphasize the fact that XML is almost certainly destined to take over the web within a few years. And here I am still coding in HTML 3.2...

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Wednesday, May 13
If you are/were an regular, you probably know about the Con this summer. (If not, well, there's a get together in Washington DC. See the below linked con page.) If you plan to attend, you should contact Gurney as soon as possible. He's got a decent sounding hotel lined up, although the first one bailed out on us. It'd be a good idea to get reservations ASAP. July 4 isn't really all that far away, and I imagine rooms are filling up fast. You can find hotel and travel info on the official con page. Hope to see you there...

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Monday, May 11
About last Friday's update; I know a little more than I did, and I'll probably write something up about it at a later date, but for the moment I don't feel like stirring things up. My original statement stands. (Thanks to Gulthek for the support.)

Wow... Only 11 more days of school. I should be able to give this page (among other things) a lot more attention once school's out, so there'll be some changes/improvements.

[Ok, not actually 11 more days of school; 11 days until school's out, counting the weekend. Hate it when I do something like that, but that does mean 2 days less than I thought.]

On a completely unrelated subject, the May All Basic Code Packet has been out for a while. I haven't done anything in QBasic lately, and I'm not likely to in the future, but I'm still fond of the language, despite its obsolescence. I'll always maintain that Microsoft could have done a lot of good by releasing QuickBasic 4.5 as freeware back when they abandoned it as a supported product, but it's a little late now. (I'll stop rambling.)

Anyway, you can snag a copy of the May ABC packet over at The PowerBasic Archives.

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Friday, May 8
Today in school (that wonderful font of learning and knowledge that is Laurel-Concord High School), I was approached by the principal, who proceeded to tell me that he'd "been having some problems" with my page. Apparently, if I don't remove several links, I'll lose Internet access through the school. This would present a large problem for me, since there simply aren't any local ISP's in my area.

I want to make something absolutely clear here. I pay for the space that this site is stored on, as well as using a long distance connection to a commercial ISP to upload any changes or additions to it. This site makes use of no school resources, and it does not, as I imagine certain people will say, "go through the school's internet".

In short, I can link to whatever I bloody well please. I've taken pains to make sure of this. If the offending link is what I suspect it to be (the principal not actually having told me what was objectionable), then the owner of that page is free to do with it what he wants.

Now I realize my little corner of the web isn't much, and it certainly doesn't get much traffic, but I'm fond of it; maybe even a little proud of it, my ego being what it is. At the very least, it points the way to other places that're worthwhile (or a good waste of time). I will not be bullied into sanitizing it.

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Monday, May 4
I finally got around to registering Opera yesterday. I love this browser. (Review)

Dæmonsong episode 111 is out, right on schedule. (If there had been a schedule, that is.)

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Saturday, May 2
I've been lurking for a while on alt.ascii-art, and I finally decided to try doing some of my own (ASCII art, that is). If you're looking for some good ASCII, try Joan Stark's Home Page, where you'll find some of the best ASCII art around, and plenty of good links.

Here's a list of links to stuff I've read lately and thought I should pass on to my loyal reader(s).

  • DrMarcus has written a cool #World'sEndTavern story.
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a well written analysis of the Linux development model.
  • There've been a number of Dear Mynx columns since the last time I mentioned it.
  • Actually, some of the stuff on this page is just frightening...

It being May, I moved all of the April updates to the older updates page.

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