Tuesday, May 19
I saw a link over on Stephen's Home Page to a nifty program for Win95/NT called Home Planet. It's got an impressive list of features, including an Earth map that shows day and night regions, a star map that's viewable from any location on Earth, and options to track satellites, comets, asteroids, and the moon. The full download is over 7 megs, but the "lite" version is a much easier to swallow 1.34 mb.

Mirabilis has released a new version of ICQ, 98a v1.26 (at least I think that's the version number). Rather than wade through the confusing morass that is Mirabilis' site, you can just use this Download.com link. If you haven't tried ICQ yet, it's at least worth giving it a shot.

My ICQ number, incidentally, is 1408149.

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