Thursday, May 21
Another Con-events-ion update. Gurney's leaving in a week or so, and won't be back until around June 25, which means you need to contact him if you're planning on going, and send your $15 for the rental van. I know there're more than three of us that plan to be there, but nobody's doing much about it... In other words, if you haven't done so already, MOVE! (Did that sound desperate?)

A disgusting bit of news: America Online has purchased Mirabilis, the company behind ICQ, for an obscene amount of money. I've been wondering for a while how Mirabilis was ever going to generate any sort of profit, but I hoped they'd find some way other than being swallowed whole by a company like AOL or Microsoft. (Here's the article.)

There's a fairly well written editorial up on Slashdot, about computer education in K-12 schools. I've been meaning to write something like this myself, not much of a surprise someone would beat me to it.

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