Friday, May 8
Today in school (that wonderful font of learning and knowledge that is Laurel-Concord High School), I was approached by the principal, who proceeded to tell me that he'd "been having some problems" with my page. Apparently, if I don't remove several links, I'll lose Internet access through the school. This would present a large problem for me, since there simply aren't any local ISP's in my area.

I want to make something absolutely clear here. I pay for the space that this site is stored on, as well as using a long distance connection to a commercial ISP to upload any changes or additions to it. This site makes use of no school resources, and it does not, as I imagine certain people will say, "go through the school's internet".

In short, I can link to whatever I bloody well please. I've taken pains to make sure of this. If the offending link is what I suspect it to be (the principal not actually having told me what was objectionable), then the owner of that page is free to do with it what he wants.

Now I realize my little corner of the web isn't much, and it certainly doesn't get much traffic, but I'm fond of it; maybe even a little proud of it, my ego being what it is. At the very least, it points the way to other places that're worthwhile (or a good waste of time). I will not be bullied into sanitizing it.

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