saturday, july 31

trying to escape
the sense that i am not
a very good person right now
but every time i think i'm
gaining on it
i make some decision or take
an action.

trying to decide what
trajectory my life has -
a long curve interrupted
at intervals by the plotted path
of some drunken insect, battering itself
to shreds?

trying to strum chords,
my fingers miss the strings.
this is not a metaphor,
but it may easily be viewed
as a symptom.



Wrote a simple function for which takes a WikiWord and turns it into a set of search engine links. So, for example, on the ThomasMerton page, users should see a floating <div> with links like these:

I added this little fragment to today's update because I wanted to see if I could use the function in a piece of embedded Perl. It turned out to work, which shouldn't surprise me but usually still does.