Wednesday, August 11

a stack of thoughts cropped from recent ink & paper — it is unreasonable to be angry that people do not understand the mechanics of a particular technology — joseph campbell is interesting but there are problems with the broadness of his assertions about myth and religion — it would be easy to lose the pursuit of knowledge in the vehicles of that pursuit – which applies as much to pen and paper as to cursor and buffer — it is often possible to detect genuine racism (for which term substitute any kind of illogical prejudice) in the least expected places — i wrote terrible code when i was 16 – possessing the proper tools is necessary but not sufficient for the completion of any task – or is it? — some things really are never going to be the same again – vagueness is not always an impediment to meaningfulness – nevertheless, i should start exercising my muscles for the concrete and specific

p1k3 / 2004 / 8 / 11