Friday, October 26

I finished my pastrami sandwich and my Coors Light and left the Pub after an inning or two, but I understand the Rockies lost again last night.

I’m always bemused by this thing that happens. Prior to a couple of weeks ago, I might not have sworn to you that I didn’t know a single person in town who cared about baseball (in general) or the Rockies (in particular), but I would nonetheless have been reasonably sure that it was true.

wednesday, october 24

in the distance, there is snow on
the mountains

the foreground is an asphalt parking lot
and the leaves at the heart
of boulder's creek-path domestication

well into turning, they flash
and almost seem to burn in the sunlight,
some already like a kind of ash.

Sunday, October 14

The other month, I happened to subscribe to Danny Yee's book review mailing list. I mostly ignore the dozen or so lists I'm still on, and I'm not sure why I felt this would be any different, but I've found myself paying attention every time a review shows up.

Recent volumes have included:

I have yet to track down any of these books and actually read them, but I feel just a tiny bit smarter knowing they exist.

Tuesday, October 9

I just started working part-time at Sparkfun Electronics. It is by far the most SFnal work environment I have had (in the Robert Heinlein Engineering Story sense), although my responsibilities are in the relatively mundane fields of web applications and busted-ass workstations.

Just down the road from Sparkfun, there is a school building (dated 1911 and sitting on a couple of acres) up for sale. If you, dear reader, have a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket and feel deeply averse to profit, perhaps you should contact me about a unique opportunity to underwrite the physical plant of a moderately anarchic educational facility, practically guaranteed in future years to become a Boulder County institution.

Thursday, October 4

It has lately occurred to me that I really ought to have a personal research agenda of some sort.

Wednesday, October 3

perl's each() and subtle retention of unwanted state

There’s probably a “traps for the unwary” section somewhere out there that already describes this.

more: unwanted_state