Monday, August 27

CarolAnn: i ain't gonna lie, i'm not as wild about zombie invasion as many people are

me: that's fair.
it's feeling kinda played out, thematically.

CarolAnn: zombies or very awful poetry?
the thing with zombies may be in part that i am so sick of hearing how cool it would be

me: zombies more.
and yeah.
it would not be cool.
it would be like being in a zombie flick.
except infinitely worse.

CarolAnn: it would be gruesome and we would all die, and everyone who thinks they know exactly what to do would be horribly wrong about that.

me: All of which would make for a pretty good zombie flick.
Very meta but in a depressing way.
this may be our problem with everything, in a nutshell.

CarolAnn: that could be on a t-shirt, really.

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