Saturday, April 14

i'll do better next time

Other people are off chasing tornadoes and such. Me, I am doing my level best to have something useful to say, but all I really did today was sit around and wait for it to rain, aimlessly cycling through the tiny fraction of the Internet that I pay any attention to, where of course nothing at all is happening because it's a Saturday and everyone else has better things to do.

My brain has been doing a passable imitation of an AM radio in one of those regions where the best you're going to find is that call-in show where people have straw bales and bags of water-softener salt for sale (would be willing to trade for a leather seat cover in good condition) but you keep cycling through the stations anyway, swearing reflexively and without much real venom (you're just too exhausted) at right-wing talk show hosts, high-school sportscasts, and preachers who want husbands to model the Lordship of Christ for their wives.

Once it finally started raining, of course I decided it'd be a good idea to leave the house, but the truth about Boulder is that there's not really anywhere to go in this town that you haven't been just about a literal five hundred times before. It can be a little bit like that radio, but at least nobody here is talking to me about the sanctity of x.

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